Taking Back Control

Photo by Evelyn Chong on Pexels.com

This past week has been a difficult one.  After my boys were in their car accident, the week seems to have been a blur.  Just getting through the work day was difficult, and the days seem to be almost “Groundhog’s Day.”  Then you add in the nagging cold/flu that we all seem to be struggling to overcome and it begins to feel like just waking up and getting the normal daily routine accomplished is a big deal.  And maybe it is…

Today, I stayed home with my sick kindergartner and a cough of my own.  I have, over the weekend, spent most of my time staying low and sleeping while trying to give my body the time it needs to feel better.  But doing that just results in the whole house falling apart into a mess and increasing my stress, which likely doesn’t help me in the least.  So, I decided to take back some control today, especially over the things that I can control.  I deep cleaned the living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, and office.  My bedroom and the pile of ‘clean’ clothes will be my night project.  Do I feel better?  Hell no, my back is killing me, my head feels like it is about to split, and my cough has made my whole throat a raspy mess.  However, I do feel less stress about my surroundings, and that might just be enough to get me better rest tonight.

By the way, I absolutely enjoyed this past football season.  I was able to follow my team and catch every game.  What a special treat and wonderful ending for a great and exciting season.  This is really the first season that I have been able to completely dive into and follow throughout, and what a better way to end it than having my favorite team win the Super Bowl!  I really appreciate this past season and that is a good thing, because you never know when or if it will ever occur again.

Go Broncos Country!




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