A Good Day

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Today was a good day.  I know that it is likely not going to be like this every day, but I think it is more than okay to celebrate when a day like this happens.  There really was nothing special about today.  Two of my kids stayed home from school sick; my wife and I both had work.  But today I was able to start my day off with a visit to my new physical therapist and after one hour I had peace of mind about my chronic hip pain and a new goal to meet to getting back into shape.  Upon getting to work, I was able to look around and see that the sun was out, both figuratively and literally.  In Oregon, a rare winter day has as much as sun as we saw today.  But more than that I was able to feel like things were looking up today.  My hip has been hurting and concerning me since last summer, and I was worried that I might not ever figure out how to deal with the pain.  While the answers I was given today are not an easy or quick fix, it is finally a direction to head in with a good chance at returning me to ability to run again.  The good day seemed to keep going even after the normal stress and some unexpected stress arrived at work today.  I was even feeling up to doing some much needed pruning in my yard this evening.  Even when I fell off my stairs and ended up with some good bumps, cuts, and bruises, it was still a good day.  I spent the late evening getting caught up on some laundry and had fun this evening holding my daughter and laughing with my family.  I even took the dog for a late walk after playing some Battlefront and reached my 10,000 step goal today.  Today was one of those put a smile on your face regardless of the situation days. Will tomorrow hold the same outcomes?  Who cares?  Today was a good day…




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