Domino Effect

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So, today I decided to take a few steps. My youngest son has recently expressed some desire to learn more about the Bible. I realized that in my focus on myself, that in many ways I had forgotten a large responsibility to my children, my wife, and myself. I had forgotten that it is my role to lead this family’s relationship with Christ. It’s a domino effect that can easily overcome people. The first event happens and then you stop doing this, and then that…and soon, you’ve knocked over all the domino’s and your children have started their own lives. Well, today I started to pick up some of the pieces. It’s a very small thing, but I am hopeful that it will be effective. Not only for my kids, my wife, but for me as well. I texted a short devotional to my kids, something that I adapted from The Gospel Project for my own use to reach my children. In that text several things were conveyed. First, that God Speaks to us. That His Word is the tool that we need to rely upon. Second, I gave them the choice to develop a relationship with God, clearly expressing that it is a choice. Third, I told them that I loved them. Like I said, it’s a very small thing. But, at this point in my life, it’s what I have to give. The truth of life is that dominoes fall. We can do everything we can to place our lives in a position where nothing ever goes wrong or where everything is perfectly in its place. And it is all meaningless, because no matter what we try to do to prevent it, dominoes fall. It’s at that point that we have a choice. We can look at the mess and give up, or we can pick up the pieces. The truth of my life is that I chose long ago that to follow Christ is the most important thing, that it is the only thing that truly matters. Then, in the course of life, I found my pieces falling to the ground. And for far too long, I have looked about at the mess and not done anything. Or I have started to clean a small area, only for the pieces to fall again. It’s not sane…I just want someone to save me, at least that what Blind Melon sings. But they’re not wrong. The only way to have our pieces put right is to have the right person put them so. And that’s probably not me, nor you… I’ve used this example before, but my dad has pretty much any tool that I could possible ever need to use. And I can use them anytime, but I know this about my dad. He receives joy from being asked. And not because of some kind of “my tools” attitude. No, he appreciates the opportunity to help use those tools. Often, when I ask to borrow something, he offers to show me how to use it, to assist in the project, and to spend time with me. It’s about relationship, not ownership. That is how it is with God when we seek His help in putting the pieces of our life back together. In Psalm 34:8, it says “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” When we ask for His help in our mess, it delights Him to not only give us the tools, but also to show us how to use them, and to assist us. It’s the only way our dominoes will ever be placed right after they fall.



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